Hotel Checklist 1.1

Hotel Checklist 1.1 screenshots

Hotel Checklist was our first campaign into the worldwide battlefield of the App Store. It was an experiment, a skirmish to see whether or not making apps was something we wanted to engage in full time.

It served its purpose admirably, boosting our morale and making us believe that we—a rebellious, fierecly independent guerilla unit—could go it alone.

Having let it find its place in the world, we left it to go and work on Trail Wallet.

Time passed.

Apple introduced the iPhone 5, forever changing the landscape with a new screen size. Weakened, but not defeated, Hotel Checklist stood its ground.

Then they introduced iOS 6, providing a whole new range of features and APIs including Collection Views, a new weapon in the fight to bring organisation and structure to user’s lives. Hotel Checklist was not armed with these powerful new tools.

Then they introduced iOS 7 and, with it, a whole new design philosophy to the iPhone, finally bringing brave, young Hotel Checklist to its knees.

“Enough!” We cried. “We will not leave our man behind!”

Dusting off the blueprints of our original campaign and throwing all of the resources we could muster, we worked day and night to re-equip it, making it a warrior worthy of this new world.

We introduced a new interface, with motion effects and customisable photographs. We introduced maps, powered by Foursquare, to help users gather information about their hotels. We added the ability to track pricing and different types of accommodation to make it more specific to different needs. We brought it up to date, making it iOS 7 only and giving it a huge and much-needed makeover.

Finally, seeing the direction that this massive, unending battle was headed, we made it free for up to 3 entries to encourage people to try it, with an In App Purchase to unlock unlimited hotels.

Refreshed, relaxed, and ready for anything, we sent it back out in to the world.

Presenting the best way to trace the places you stay:

Hotel Checklist 1.1