Trail Walleteer of the Month is our new regular series where we talk to Trail Wallet users and discuss all things travel budget related. This month’s Trail Walleteer is Zab Scoon from Indefinite Adventure.

Originally a corporate accountant, he then co-ran his family jewellery business for several years before selling it all to travel and has been in South America with his partner Sam for the last 10 months.

Trail Wallet 2.0 introduced trips to make your budgeting burden a breeze. We have tried to make this nifty new feature as simple as possible but in case you haven’t found all that it can do we’ve produced this short guide to help you get the most from it.

We are genuinely super excited to announce the launch of Trail Wallet 2.0! Available now in the App Store (it’s a free upgrade to existing Trail Wallet users), which represents over 350 hours of work and is the most solid, reliable and feature-packed version yet.

On the 30th September, Trail Wallet 2.0 will be released1.

This is our biggest update yet, featuring a brand new, iOS 7 ready design full of colour and new buttons and things.

Trail Wallet 1.1.3 is now available in the App Store. This is just a bugfix update and fixes some issues some users were having with accessing their daily history.

It was a time zone thing. It’s always a time zone thing—time can be a slippery little bugger.

I’m not the world’s greatest designer.

I enjoy drawing and illustration and I intend to get good at it over time (I have a long way to go—I estimate my current drawing age to be around nine years old).

"The Voyage Travel Apps logo" The old Voyage Travel Apps website was the office intern who we just shoved out the door to talk to the world. Gangly and kind of awkward, he really had no idea what he was doing but at least he was keen and it was better to have someone out there than no one at all.