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Announcing Our Latest App

Picture of Simon Fairbairn

Simon Fairbairn

We are pleased to announce that our new app, Trail Wallet, will be available this autumn.

Less Tracking, More Travelling.

Trail Wallet is an easy travel expense tracker. We’re designing it to be fast, so you can use it while you’re out and about. We want our app to take care of the tracking so you don’t have to.

Financial Freedom

Nobody wants to worry about money while travelling, but we all do. Tracking your finances is a simple way to get some freedom from this financial anxiety. Instead of just hoping you’ve got enough money, know.

Use our app to set yourself a daily budget, then easily add expenses as you go. When you get a bill or receipt, pull out your iPhone, add the amount using the Quick Add screen and you’re done. Forget about it. Get on with your day.

No more collecting receipts in bags or pockets. No more sitting with a calculator trying to work out how you’re doing. No more trying to remember how much that tuk-tuk cost.

At the end of the day or week or month, you can see how you’re doing. A little over budget? No problem—our app will tell you what’s eating up your budget. Under budget? Good job—send a little reassurance tweet to your friends and family with the Twitter integration.

We’re working hard to ensure our app takes the headache out of expense tracking for you, so you can focus on the fun.

Key Features:

  • Month by month breakdown of all of your expenses
  • A daily summary of how you’re doing against a daily budget
  • Graphs!
  • Organise your spending by category
  • Quickly add new amounts
  • Amounts available in either your home or your current local currency
  • Exchange rate API that automatically updates the app with the current market rate
  • Twitter integration—reassure your friends that you’re financially fine!

Release Date

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