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Trail Wallet 3.4.4 Available Now

Picture of Simon Fairbairn

Simon Fairbairn

This version introduces new UI to help manage the bulk exporting of photographs. I'd had a few reports that not all of the photos taken on a trip were being exported and, when Erin came to do our budgets, she started hitting the same issue.

All of the photos are stored in a special iCloud directory. Once a photo has been uploaded to iCloud, the system may delete the local copy from this directory if it detects the device is low on space.

When an app requests a photo, iCloud will first check to see if it is available locally in this directory and, if not, download it from the cloud.

The problem was that the share sheet would not wait for a photo to download before attempting to share it and would only share the photos that were present on the device (and ignore ones only in the cloud).

This version of Trail Wallet fixes this and gives you control over what you want to happen when exporting images.

If the app sees that they are all downloaded, then it will work as before. If not, it will now give you the opportunity to download the missing photos first or, alternatively, will export only the photos that have been downloaded and are available.

If you've had issues with image export, then Trail Wallet 3.4.4 should fix them and it is available now from the App Store!

Trail Wallet is available in the App Store