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In Which a Site is Updated

Picture of Simon Fairbairn

Simon Fairbairn

The Voyage Travel Apps logo
The old Voyage Travel Apps website was the office intern who we just shoved out the door to talk to the world. Gangly and kind of awkward, he really had no idea what he was doing but at least he was keen and it was better to have someone out there than no one at all.

As Trail Wallet 2.0 nears completion, it was time to replace him with someone a little more competent and, dare we say it, glamourous. Someone who could better represent us in public and didn't fiddle with his tie and say "um" and "er" and "let me just check on that" so much.

Our new website is bigger and punchier and uses fonts from Typekit and, like most things in the world, is built on the great work of others.

The content explodes all over your screen in full and confident glory instead of being all squeezed into a tight little column but it's still responsive (frankly, it would be embarrassing to be a smartphone app development company with a website that looked like crap on a smartphone).

Plus, it features pictures of us! Who doesn't want that?

See, when you buy our stuff, we want you to know that you're not supporting some giant soulless corporation who just wants your money and doesn't really care about you personally. What you're doing is supporting two people who are working as hard as they can to make cool stuff and do awesome things.

We don't have outsourced call centres or labyrinthine automatic voice-activated phone trees so we see every question, comment or support request. We're all up in the social medias if you want to get in touch, or you can use good ol' fashined email.

(Remember when we used to send email? Emails are so much more civil. Emails take care and thought, not like Tweets. People should write more emails.)

In Which Simon Talks Too Much

The Married With Luggage logo

As well as launching the new site, I was recently interviewed on Married With Luggage's excellent An Action Plan for Dreamers podcast where we talk about Trail Wallet and how tracking your expenses can make a difference in saving for your Big Dreams.

I, for one, wouldn't be a wandering hobo making millions of ones and zeros flip on and off in a particular way then selling those ones and zeros to some other wandering hobo who can then swipe their finger over a glass-covered metal box and get the box to remember how much their shopping cost if we hadn't have been conscious about our spending habits.

Also: Dreams are weird.

Anyhow, Warren and Betsy were gracious hosts despite my attempts to derail them with talk about coffee. They keep their podcasts under 20 minutes so it's easy to listen to and I belive there are some valid points about money somewhere within my stacatto ramblings.

You can read more on their site or subscribe to their podcast on iTunes.