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Trail Wallet Users Share Their Travel Expenses

Picture of Simon Fairbairn

Simon Fairbairn

Us in Cuba. Where we tracked our expenses. So, it's releavant.

We use Trail Wallet every day to track our expenses and we often take the results and provide breakdowns such as our recent Cuba travel costs post over on Never Ending Voyage. However, it's been incredibly gratifying and more than a little humbling to find that other travellers have been doing this too.

So we're super puffed-out-chest-standing-up-straight proud to present the brand new and succinctly-titled:

Voyage Travel Apps Grand List of Amazing Folks Who Have Used Trail Wallet To Track Their Expenses on Their Travels then Written About It on the Internet


First up, we have Gillian and Jason over at One Giant Step who not only posted their one month budget in one of our favourite cities, Chiang Mai, Thailand, but also have on their site a simply wonderful photo of them riding a scooter.

Amy and Andrew of Our Big Fat Travel Adventure went to New Zealand, jumped out of a plane, survived, then wrote about how much it cost to stare death in the eye, then kick him in the 'nads.

Sam and Zab at Indefinite Adventures share their monthly expense reports. In April's report, they note that it was their cheapest month yet, which we're sure was because they were using a useful and convenient budget app.

Dani and Jess of the Globetrotter Girls recently celebrated three years on the road, which included their budget for the year. Yes, Trail Wallet has only been out for five months, but we have it on good authority that at least some of their expenses were tracked with it. So it counts.

Tanya and Andrew of the Magic Travel Blog were on the beautiful island of Bali for two months where they recorded how much they spent, then made a pretty 3D pie chart of the results (which I personally think needs some whipped cream and cherries).

Caroline and Josh of Traveling 9 to 5 went to Buenos Aires and now probably wish that they didn't track their expenses while they were there[1].

Massive and continual thanks to all the bloggers for sharing their budgets and for their support of Trail Wallet. Some of them were kind enough to review it and you can find a list of Trail Wallet reviews here.

And if you're an Amazing Person who publishes budget posts and use Trail Wallet to track your expenses then let us know and we'll get you on this Officially Sanctioned List post haste.

  1. Please Note, Voyage Travel Apps cannot take responsibility for any country whose economy is in the toilet. Sorry. ↩︎