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Tap Tap Power! Now Available!

Picture of Simon Fairbairn

Simon Fairbairn

We're pleased to announce the launch of our first game, Tap Tap Power! Available for free in the App Store today!

Tap Tap Power is available in the App Store

Created by myself and fellow app developer and long term traveller, Tom Krones, it's a fast-paced social multiplayer game.

Tap your area when lit to score a point and don't tap when it's not lit or you lose a point. Simple.

Except there's a twist: power ups appear randomly in the centre and can be dragged to your area to cause all sorts of mischief for your fellow players for much yelling and swearing! But watch out for the hazards...


  • Quick and easy to learn—anyone can play from 2 to 102 years old. Get the entire family together!
  • Supports two to four players on a single device
  • Lightning quick 60 second games for when you only have a minute to spare
  • A range of power ups from bonus points to minimising the other player's targets
  • Fun retro 8-bit graphics and sound

So get some friends together and enjoy some social multiplayer gaming goodness! We do, however, find that it's best to play it in noisy places like bars or restaurants and not, as we discovered, in quiet coffee shops. If your friends and family are as competitive as ours, things get noisy quickly. =)

And if you're travelling like we are, it's great for making new friends at hostels or entertaining your kids at airports. Set up some ad-hoc Tap Tap Power Tournaments!

Tap Tap Power Around The World

We'd love to feature photos of you playing Tap Tap Power on our travel blog, Never Ending Voyage! Email interesting photos of you playing Tap Tap Power to
and we'll put the best ones in an upcoming post!

Questions and Comments

If you discover any bugs or have any comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you: email us at

And if you like the game, please leave us a positive review in the App Store! We rely on the support of our players to help spread the word. Good reviews help other people find it which helps us to add new features and improvements.

Everybody wins!

Tap Tap Power is available in the App Store