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The Future of Trail Wallet

Picture of Simon Fairbairn

Simon Fairbairn

We have almost reached the end of the development of version 1.1 of Trail Wallet. The nerds down at Voyage Labs have been working away, ratcheting in all new features and sticking on brand new spangly bits to make travel expense tracking that little bit easier.

I hope that this new release, which should be with you in a week or two, goes to show that we want to make this just the best darn travel expense app you've ever owned.

(Although we're actually aiming for 'indespensible'.)

Apropos[1] of this, once it's released 1.1 is probably going to represent Trail Wallet's final appearance in its present incarnation. There may be some point releases (1.1.1, or even 1.1.2) to fix any new bugs that our nerds have no doubt introduced (rest assured, they will be punished accordingly) but 1.1 represents the end of stage one of how people track their travel finances on the road.

Most of the core functionality is in there. It works, it's stable and it's generally reliable.

Now it's time to evolve this thing. The next step: gaffer tape an afterburner to it, point it at the moon and light the fuse.

  1. First 50¢ word of 2013. ↩︎