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Trail Wallet 1.1 Preview

Picture of Simon Fairbairn

Simon Fairbairn

If you're celebrating Christmas then we hope you've had a suitably relaxing one and if you were lucky enough to receive an iPhone or iPod Touch for Christmas, then we have a great app we can recommend...

Custom Categories!

After launching the app it became very clear that there was one feature that everybody who used it wished it had: custom categories.

We listen to our customers. So instead of giving our nerds down at Voyage Labs a Christmas break, we instead chained them up, gave them some Christmas bread and water, and set them to work adding custom categories.

We're pleased to announce that our particular brand of Christmas bonus worked, and that custom categories will be the flagship feature of the next big release, version 1.1.

Custom Categories Preview

Sexy New Charts

Our nerds have also completely overhauled the pie chart. In order to accommodate an arbitrary number of categories, we had to rethink the organisation of the Pie Chart view.

We decided that working them 20 hours a day produces great results, so as well as custom categories we'll be delivering an improved, animated and totally interactive Pie Chart screen, able to show all of the hundreds of categories that we know you're itching to add.

Happy New Year!

Trail Wallet 1.1 will be hitting the App Store sometime in January and will automagically be pushed out to all of you who have bought it already.

If you haven't got it yet then you're missing out. Seriously, all of the thought leaders are using it.

I've heard rumours that Tim Cook is using it to track all of Apple's expenses[1]. It's that good.

Trail Wallet is available in the App Store

  1. Like all Apple rumours, this may or may not be true. ↩︎