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Voyage Travel Apps Update

Picture of Simon Fairbairn

Simon Fairbairn

Oh boy. Once a year, huh? That's how often I update this thing?

Woof, I am bad at this.

I hope no one uses the frequency of blog posts to help them gauge whether Trail Wallet—our app and a primary source of our income—is in active development. One post a year would not, I imagine, be very reassuring.

Anyway, never mind, never mind. How are you? Things good, I hope?

I am great, thanks! A lot of things have happened that I should have written about on here, but didn't.

Christmas, for one. It was awesome! We’ve been in the U.K. all winter hanging with friends and family and doing some back to back housesits.

Then there's the fact that Trail Wallet turned five years old in December.

That's right: Five. Years. A veritable lifetime in app years and the single longest job I've ever held down.

If you are or have been a user or supporter of Trail Wallet then thank you, so much, for helping me prove to my parents that I can stick to something for more than a year or two!

New Features!

To celebrate its fifth year, I finally added a feature that I probably should have added in its first—photo support!

Yes, Trail Wallet 3.4 was released and came with that most requested of features—the ability to take pictures of receipts (or buildings, or clouds—anything really, it doesn't discriminate).

If you’ve been saying to yourself “I’d love to try this app, but I want to store photos of random Pomeranians alongside my latte entries”, then this update is for you!

Trail Wallet is available in the App Store

New Adventures!

Having reassured my parents that I can stick to something, I now wish to upset them all over again by embarking down another and even more ambitious path—building and publishing my own adventure game!

Screenshot of my adventure game prototype
Screenshot of my adventure game prototype

I have loved adventure games since I first played The Secret of Monkey Island on an Amiga 500 back in the early 90s and I am impossibly excited and also bone-chillingly petrified to finally be making my own.

I am writing about the process over on my personal blog (where updates are somewhat more frequent than here). If you want to see a possibly glorious triumph but more likely messy (albeit fun!) disaster unfold slowly over the course of several months, then head on over to

Rest assured that Trail Wallet will continue to receive a lot of love and support throughout this new chapter!

Until next time, thanks again for an unbelievable 5 (and a bit) years!


P.S. I am much better at sending out newsletters than I am at writing blog posts (there was only a six month gap between my last two emails as opposed to nine for the blog). Sign up here.